Can You Live in a Tent Indefinitely

                           Could You Live in a Tent Indefinitely?

We all probably share a basic need to make cozy, private spaces where we are free to be ourselves, and can get away from the driver behind our car, that really wants to be in our trunk?

When we were kids, we set up forts in the backyard, and started enjoying hiding out in our tents. Whoever made the best shelter for themselves became a leader of the pack.

As we grew older, the desire for a private shelter remained but it developed into a search for a camper, motor home, or trailer where we could enjoy more of the amenities of home but still find a private place. Our bones needed a cushion besides the hard ground, and we needed a better shelter from the elements. We worked harder and harder at making our “fort” campsite be original, with lighting, and quite a “cool site” in the campground.

Some people even stepped up to the “Glamping lifestyle- glamorous camping, with all the frills. Tent camping in these instances can be a refreshing and wonderful adventure in nature, well deserving of tenting indefinitely.

Today’s camping tents are innovative and give you the possibility of indefinite camping. When we think back from our childhood, many of us have been faithfully sleeping in tents and “tent like structures” and living in them our whole life. It becomes very difficult to choose a tent when you get older, but if you’re in shape and willing to try, it can be done. It is a blessing to know that we have a choice to sleep in a tent indefinitely, and not a mandatory indefinite living situation that many people today face. If their “fighting” spirit is there, they will survive.