Is Camping a Good Outdoor Hobby?

. Certainly a good outdoor hobby would be camping . . . in The “Great Outdoors, “ where you can relax and just chill out in nature, without cell phones, computers, and texting, and just get to know yourself and others. Not only this, but you get to expand your camping hobby into fishing, canoeing, motor boating, hunting, skiing, hiking, and any other direction you want to go. I really just enjoy building a campfire and watching the flames dance, while roasting s’mores, with my family.

There is something so satisfying about escaping from our reliance on “infrastructure” that it turns the most tedious chore into an adventure. So you could say the draw of the hobby of camping is escape. . . an escape to adventure. It doesn’t matter whether you are old or young, there is something for you in the hobby of camping.

Another advantage to camping is your neighborhood. Your neighborhood and neighbors can change overnight or after a weekend when everyone gets their stuff together and heads out. If you have challenging neighbors, they are gone. If you don’t want neighbors at all, find a secluded spot to camp, with a beautiful view.Your neighborhood also consists of the scenery all around you. If you like waterfalls. . camp there; raging rivers. . .camp there; beautiful mountain peaks. . .camp there; ocean views. . . camp there; rugged terrain. . . camp there. The flexibility of camping allows your hobby to be adventuresome or relaxing.

Anyone that chooses camping as a hobby will not be disappointed, if nothing more than the beauty of nature itself. If you think you might not like being outdoors and “roughing it,” you can camp in motor homes, campers, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. . .all of these are part of the hobby of camping.

So get going and try camping, and see what you think. It’s worth a try!