Nature Walks Can Relieve Stress in our Lives

Nature walks can relieve Stress Blog

It's hard to feel tired or anxious while hiking in the wilderness or staring out of your tent at a beautiful mountain stream. "Nature has built-in mechanisms for relieving stress," says Doreen Sweeting, M.D., founder of Psychosomatic Wellness Intuitive Life Coaching. "There's aromatherapy in the scent of the pine trees and grass, chromatherapy in the colors of the rocks and sky and flowers, sound therapy in the birdsong and wind rustling the leaves."
Our society, unfortunately, is increasingly cut off from this wellspring of energy. "We live in artificial light. We walk on concrete. We exercise on machines," Sweeting says. "We go from home to work to the store and back home."

Exhaustion Cure: Take a Morning Walk

Whether you live in a suburb or a bustling city, take a walk first thing in the morning -- if possible, in an area filled with trees. "You'll feel the energy of nature replenishing you," says Sweeting. "The tree huggers are on to something." As often as possible, venture deeper into the woods by planning day hikes or overnight camping trips.
Make an extra effort to notice the changing seasons. "You'll start to realize the rhythms of nature apply to you, too," Sweeting concludes. "When you harmonize yourself with nature, you'll develop a stronger sense of well-being. The body responds quickly to being honored in this way. And it can all start with getting out to the park."