Teardrop Campers are Making a Comeback

Teardrop Campers are Making a Comeback all over America

Just totally me!!!  Love this and love the way it's set up!  Would buy it all and stay in it all summer in Head Harbor on my property!


Teardrop Camper


My set-up 2005 Tab Trailer Photo by Sara Mordecai

Everything the Camper Needs

Retirees and soon-to-be retirees are behind the recent spike in Teardrop camper sales.

They first appeared in the 1930s, when cars lacked much towing power. Their popularity faded in the 1960s, when cheap gas and mightier engines prompted a camper and RV trend. But now, light and aerodynamic — not to mention head-turning — teardrop trailers are back. "Society is trying to become more simplistic. It's like the [TV] shows on tiny houses," says Keith Riley of General RV in Canton, Ohio. "Older folks in particular are trying to simplify and scale back." 

According to Mark Hagen at Little Guy Trailers in San Diego, the typical buyer is a couple of years away from retirement and often has roots in camping. That's because — while teardrops have a comfortable bed inside — you really live outside.

Inside of Teardrop Camper

Teardrop campers can usually fit 2 people comfortably.

The units, which are typically 14 or 15 feet long, flip open in the back, revealing a kitchen for gourmet outdoor cooking. Little Guy Worldwide, a top manufacturer of these trailers, has seen sales more than triple in the past four years.

Teardrops range from $500 for a build-your-own kit to $20,000 for a fully loaded luxury unit with air-conditioning and an entertainment center. Plenty of options exist in between. And the best part is the social aspect: There is an active teardrop-trailer community, with more than 50 clubs of enthusiasts around the country.  Look for more on the road.

T@G camping via Daniel Ingram. Love the method of keeping the trailer dry and shady. Also note the U-lock on bicycles. The shelter over the T@G is the 10x10' canopy from Pahque. http://www.pahaque.com