A Scavenger Hunt is A Suitable Game for Camping

. Some games just lend themselves to camping, and one of those is a popular Scavenger Hunt in the outdoors. You can use just about anything available in nature to hunt and the main challenge is to monitor the campers as they look for their items, running everywhere, so they don't run into a BEAR!

Kids love to hunt for things and can get more interested in nature and the outdoors. Scavenger hunts are great for all ages and also for families. As for monitoring of the group, the group can walk along the trail together, while the kids hunt for things on a list and check them off as they find them. Another option is to just leave everything as they find it and take a photo for proof.  

Here are a few samples for your Scavenger list:

 • a rock shaped like a heart      • a feather      • a bird’s nest    • a piece of camping gear     • a red leaf, a green leaf and a yellow leaf    • moss    • a pine cone    • a slug    • a snail   • a frog    • a fish    • a flying insect    • a crawling insect   • animal tracks   • scat or manure    • a snake or a worm   • a squirrel    • a flower   • a mushroom    • a tiny fingernail size pebble or rock     • something black   • a deer    • a piece of garbage to remove from the camp.

You can come up with all kinds of "treasures" for the kids to find and keep them occupied and having fun, while getting fit," for hours.