All-American Fishing Ultimate Dri Fit Fishing Shirt UPF 30+ Stylish Men's Long Sleeve - Refresh The Camping Spirit

All-American Fishing Ultimate Dri Fit Fishing Shirt UPF 30+ Stylish Men's Long Sleeve

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Brand: All-American Fishing


  • Performance Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt By All-American Fishing
  • Lightweight and optimized for maximum comfort while maintaining 30+ UPF for long days out fishing
  • Wicks away sweat & dries rapidly if splashed or rained on, keeping you feeling fresh
  • Enjoy the ocean breeze with the ultra soft, breathable fabric
  • For fishermen by fishermen - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Details: When you're getting ready for a day in the great outdoors, the last thing you want is to spend the day slathering on sticky sunscreen or sneaking away to put on more deodorant. You want to focus on the fun and excitement of the outdoor activities you love.

That's why the All-American Fishing Dri Fit Shirt is a must-have for your outdoor apparel wardrobe. It offers the style, protection and advanced odor-fighting technology that will allow you to enjoy a day outside to the fullest.

The All-American Fishing Dri Fit Shirt is inspired by fishing and the sea. Each of the four long-sleeved tee designs features its own unique graphic that will set you apart and appeal to your sense of style. Graphics appear on the front, back and right sleeve to have you looking stylish from every angle. Great for both men and women.

When you're wearing this long sleeve shirt, you can leave the sunscreen behind and still be protected from the sun's harsh rays. The fabric features high UV protection to act as a sun shield for your skin, and it fully covers the chest, arms, back and shoulders.

The All-American Fishing Dri Fit Shirt makes worries about sweating in the sun a thing of the past. The 100% dri-fit microfiber wicks moisture away from your skin, so you stay dry even in the salty seas. In addition, the fabric fights the growth of the bacteria that causes body odor, meaning you'll smell fresh hour after hour.

Lightweight and loose, this microfiber shirt is a pleasure to wear and won't hold you back from completing any activity. The unique fabric will even dry quickly if you get caught in a storm or splashed on the boat!

Get the style, protection and comfortable fit of the All-American Fishing Dri Fit Shirt! Order yours today!