New Hunting Hunter-Fishing Sturdy Portable Tree Seat-Also Deer Drag Deluxe-Holds 400 lbs

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          EZ Hunter Tree

      Seat and Drag Deluxe

                                                 Holds 400 lbs            

Brand new. . . EZ Hunter tree seat.  Extra heavy duty, well made and sturdy, hooks onto tree for Hunters, seat can handle 400 pounds and still fits into your pocket. It has a 2 extension strap belt and 2 caribiner clips for secure hold.  Easy to use, can carry in your pocket when not using, so comfortable as a seat with the tree as your back support.  Many fisherman carry one of these handy seats as well.  Also used by gun hunters, bow hunters, deer hunters, turkey hunters, duck hunters and more.  

You can also use this tree seat as a handy drag for your animal allowing the weight to be distributed evenly across your chest.

           Make this a part of your hunting-fishing gear now.

               See youtube videos for EZ set up and use.




Standard Features:

  • 360 degree mobility
  • Sets up in seconds
  • Fits 4"-24" diameter trees
  • 400+ pound weight limit
  • Deluxe Deal Contents:

  • Sit-Drag with carrying case
  • 2 Extension Strap - for bigger trees/or back support
  • 2 Caribiner Clip
  •                                                                             ___________________________________


                                                Proper Placement

    Hanging your tree stand-seat in the proper location is more than just finding that pinch point or creek crossing the deer favor.  It means that after you find that spot, selecting the right location on the spot.  Hopefully, you will have at least a few trees to choose from within bow range of the trail.  At First, I consider the direction of travel of the deer and look for trees in an area downwind of where the deer will approach.  Secondly, I look for a good sized tree, because I feel more secure in a thick tree and I can better hide against it or behind it depending on how the deer are approaching.  I like a tree at least 3/4 as wide as my shoulders.  Third, I look for a tree that is in a stand of other trees to provide some cover behind me.  One of my favorite tree stand sites is an old gnarled tree that has 5 main trunks coming out of one stump.  It sits on a hillside with an old road bed below it.  I can only get up 10 feet off the ground in this tree, but the deer generally approach from the road bed which is another 4-8 feet below the tree adding some height to my position.  The other tree trunks also provide me great cover once in my tree position.  In addition to the wind you can also use the sun to your benefit by positioning the seat so that a rising sun will be at your back while hunting in the morning.  Deer looking up in your direction will not see you through the glare from the sun.  Similarly, if you have an evening seat, pay attention to the path of the setting sun.

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