The Best Ultimate Camping RovR 80 Quart Wheeled Cooler-Roller Wagon- 10 Days Ice Retention - Refresh The Camping Spirit

The Best Ultimate Camping RovR 80 Quart Wheeled Cooler-Roller Wagon- 10 Days Ice Retention

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  • 80 quart capacity holds 96 cans with removable internal Dry bin that holds up to 6 large bottles upright and store food completely Dry and under 40 degrees for 4 days or more
  • All-terrain nylon hubs with double bearings and 4 ply puncture resistant tires provide optimum clearance over all terrain and bike tow capability at high speeds
  • The RV of coolers turns into a wagon with expandable and removable top bin that can hold and carry all the gear you need in one trip
  • Includes table-cutting board and steel double cup holder that attach to any three sides of cooler on anchor points designed to hook stuff on and tie cooler down while having access under lid
  • Bike tow capability allows you to tow all your food and beverage and gear to your outdoor event



Details: A go-anywhere good-time-maker that's built to last. CampR isn't just a cooler. It's an all terrain attacking 80-quart carrying, gear hauling beast of burden that can go anywhere you can. Roto-molded in the USA for extended ice retention and durability, with accessories that allow you to customize it for any outing, from the trail to a tailgate.

All in a single, bear-proof package, sorry bears. Our collapsible CampR bin is a storage box for hauling sleeping bags, dry goods and all kinds of "etc." Quick release Velcro attachments let you add or remove the bin fully loaded. And if you're not using it, it's a comfy seat. Not all wheels are created equal. Some are created as 8-inch all-terrain tires and mounted on five spoke nylon hubs. And those are the ones we use. Because you can use them to tow CampR over sand, grass, dirt and more. Capable of handling high speed and extreme impact, these are the wheels that let CampR keep up with your or your bike.



  • Up to 10 Days Ice Retention
  • Collapsable Wagon Bin
  • Rotomolded
  • 3 colors: Fog, Moss, Desert
  • 80-quart (holds 120 cans with 20# of ice!) carrying capacity
  • Aluminum pull-beside handle
  • High-performance, puncture-resistant tires
  • Internal dry bin
  • Dual cup holders
  • Lock points - fits most 2" locks
  • Prepping board
  • Optional bike towbar

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