Sea Eagle 10'6

Sea Eagle 10'6" Inflatable Sport Runabout Boat 5 Man with Rigid Inflatable Keel 106SRK_D

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Rugged, Seaworthy Inflatable Sport Boats take you where you want to go ... fast!      

      Note:  Motor not included in this product sale.  We have motors available in our store.                                  

Whether you go boating on rivers, lakes, bays or oceans, Sea Eagle Sport/Runabouts can handle whatever nature throws at you.  

                                 The World's Best Floorboards

Sea Eagle has the world's best floorboards and floorboards are very important for inflatable boats, they need to be strong yet light and durable and easy to assemble.   You might find some of these qualities in other materials, such as plywood or aluminum, but you won't find them all in any other floorboard system than the Sea Eagle plastic floorboards.

                           About the Sport Runabouts Series

The great advantage of these boats is their lightweight to size ratio. Which increases stow-ability and reduces overall hull weight. By nearly 25% with the inflatable drop stitch floors while reducing storage footprint by 50% because you no longer have to deal with wooden or aluminum floorboards. Making these boats truly practical as a tender, to carry in a RV or SUV or even simply stow below deck.



These tough, rugged inflatable boats feature your choice of high pressure rigid inflatable drop stitch floors - making them lighter, easier to setup, less expensive to motor and far more portable. While the rigid molded plastic floorboards are virtually unbreakable.

                             Easy to Transport to Anywhere


Sport Runabouts are great all around boats for fishing, skin-diving or just plain running about!

Sea Eagle has Fiberglass Reinforced Transom. .  . Most inexpensive competitors have painted plywood transoms. A coat or paint or two might cover up the wood, but no paint job can keep out water for long. In a few years a painted plywood transom will just rot away. The transom is the most crictical structural part of a boat - it must carry the weight and thrust of a heavy outboard motor over bouncing chop. Sea Eagle Transom Boats feature Fiberglass Reinforced Transoms for strength and durability that plywood just can't match.


                                   Sea Eagle Runabouts are Rugged

Your Sport Runabout will cut through light chop with ease thanks to a deep-vee inflatable keel. Sea Eagle is Rugged, with secure aluminum seats  Many other inflatables use cheap, heavy plywood seats, but Sea Eagle uses rugged extruded aluminum seats that are mounted with our tongue-and-groove mounting system.. .  Larger, more powerful outboards often cause bow rise in other boats      Sea Eagle  Sport Runabouts have rounded rear pontoons to get you up on a plane in the shortest possible time.   Sea Eagle uses material you can hit with a hammer     Would you hit an inflatable boat with a claw hammer? We hit the hull 1000 denier hull material in our Sea Eagle boats with a claw hammer .... with the sharp claw end.     The Sea Eagle reinforced hull material can take this incredible pounding ... so you don't need to sweat bumping into the dock now and then.

This runabout has a  capacity of 5 persons.

Dimensional Weight: 154.0 lb

                               Join the Sea Eagle Family!



Note:  Motor not included in this product sale.  We have motors available in our store.

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No motor included.  We can match you with a trolling motor for very little down.