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WaterBrick Long Term Emergency Survival Water Storage - 2 Pack Blue with Spigot Container

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Brand: WaterBrick

Color: Blue


  • SUPER - DURABLE: Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), the WaterBricks are able to withstand tons of abuse. With an average wall thickness of 3/32 inch, these WaterBricks are supremely durable as well as being extremely strong. The WaterBrick is so strong it can effectively hold up to 120 pounds of 9mm ammunition.
  • EASY TO USE: Constructed with an easy to open swing handle, the WaterBrick is easy to carry and easy to stack. It's male/female attachments allow for easy stacking. And the wide 3 1/4 mouth opening makes filling quick and easy. Plus the rubber gasket surrounding the large mouth opening creates a tight seal to keep contaminates out, and storage in.
  • DESIGNED FOR LONG TERM STORAGE: Because of the incredibly thick HDPE, the WaterBrick is expected to last for a lifetime. The 2 interior conical reinforcement columns keep the WaterBricks locked together, so even in a disaster you can expect them to stay together.
  • SAFE FOR HUMAN USE: The HDPE is BPA free, meaning no harmful chemicals will be leached into your water during storage.
  • YOUR ALLY IN TIMES OF CRISIS. If you're looking for a water/food/ammo storage option that will help take you through a crisis then the WaterBrick is right up your alley. Get it TODAY- CLICK Add to Cart NOW.

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Stack Your Food, Water or Ammo

The WaterBrick is a stackable container made out of incredibly rugged high density polyethylene (HDPE). The Water Brick is able to hold more than just water. Its 3.5 gallon storage capacity can actually transfer to holding things like dry food, and ammunition. The unique feature of the WaterBrick is its ability to lock and stack with other WaterBricks. Owing to their unique construction, they can be stacked up to 4 feet high for maximum storage capacity.

Now In a Pair PLUS: Water Spigot!


2 - 3.5 gallon plastic water/dry storage containers (same color pairs only)

2 - sturdy comfort-fitting handles

2 - water tight lids

1 - spigot

The WaterBrick is a revolutionary water storage system! Say goodbye to shelves full of one gallon jugs that leak and take up tons of precious space forever. WaterBricks are your solution - they're sturdy, will not leak and are designed so you can stack and store them anywhere you need. Get yours TODAY- CLICK Add to Cart NOW...

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